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  1. Shouldn't be too hard. I'll look into it.
  2. PM me the details. If you don't mind me making it free and public.
  3. PM me the details. I might just look into it. I used to code for tribot a couple of years back. Just now coming back to the scene.
  4. We can write a script library that can do this and have everyone implement it.
  5. tribot should implement a system that records p and j mod names and stores them in a database.
  6. I no longer have rs membership. I also will not be renewing it or my tribot VIP. Lost my job a while back and I do not have time to waste for no return. Sorry. I will offer the source code along with docs to a scripter who can maintain my script.
  7. Use model ids. I'm sure when the face shows up on your chat box of molly it has a certain model Id model length. Use that to in turn extract the model Id of the real molly.
  8. Sure. So I have been busy with real life and today is my birthday so my folks are taking me out to dinner. I will go ahead and redo some of the code to implement the new api methods out which include positionable
  9. Your more than welcome to takeover my aio script and update it to upkeep it. I'll send you the version I never released.
  10. _Dark_

    Prayer api

    Import static packagename.prayerapi.*;
  11. Add a combat level check to the npc list so that non combat NPCs won't show. I assume you are using get all.
  12. I've decided I will continue support. Give me a week as I start my senior year today.
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