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  1. hi, does this script support hard diaries? doesn't seem to use the seer's teleport, can you please add this. thanks
  2. hi ark having a bit of a problem, script wont load its just saying its "uploading data to servers" dax tracker with update frequency etc etc
  3. hey ark, has the blowpipe been added? im using it right now and its banking etc just fine!
  4. yeah i also can not load it up, blue screen appears saying loading, then disappears and then nothing
  5. i have the same problem. i believe its because you are trying to use a bp or a two handed wep, seems to work fine when im not trying to use bp...on that note, ark can you add bp support please
  6. while getting wyrms task when it equips the boots of brimstone it goes to click the equipment icon @ the bank and continues todo so as if i wasn't wearing boots, it wont get past this and continues to click it over and over
  7. shift drop doesn't seem to be working anymore? reset it a few times and its just right click dropping
  8. fairly flawless script, i use pool to edge. just want smoke and kraken added then the script would be 11/10. cheers ark. few 5+ hours each day. no problems.
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