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  1. That is not me. Stop accusing me with this bullshit.
  2. haerfa

    Buying 30m 07!

    Registered on 31th of August. Already VIP extended and 5$ donor. Trying to buy 30 mill 07. I'd recommend trading with caution.
  3. In4updates. Someone must nerf mod Weath.
  4. Randomly stops working when mining addy ore @ lumb swamp. Please look into this.
  5. I'm selling bonds for 1M each or 5+ for 950k each. Add my skype: haerfa.tribot if interested.
  6. haerfa

    Buying 2 bonds

    1M each. Add my skype: haerfa.tribot if interested.
  7. haerfa

    Runescape Servers

    I think I've found the problem
  8. Breaks are overrated if you're goldfarming. Just wait at least 1 day after creating your acc before you start botting. Quite high risk that you get stiiiiiiiiiinked out within 24h if you just start yolo botting an account straight from tut (except for weekends, since Jagex bothunting cr3w don't work then, most of the time).
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