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  1. I see you can set a bunch of different breaks and choose either "Once" or "Repeat" My question is how exactly does the Once and Repeat works? If I have : Break1 - onceBreak2 - onceBreak3 - repeatWill it run Breaks 1, 2, and 3 then repeat back at 1? Or will it run 1, 2, and then get to 3 and only run 3 over and over again?
  2. Doesn't seem to support using games neck to get to burth, instead teles to fally and walks. Zombie task location should be moved out of security dungeon. So many better places such as draynor sewer. -Still- tries to attack other npcs while already being attacked by another npc. How hard is it to simply grab all the npcs around and check if they are currently interacting with the player, then make that npc our target?
  3. This script has a fatal bug. It keeps trying to attack another npc when it's already fighting something. It'll do it over and over, every single task that involves aggressive monsters. Sometimes it even happens when the monsters aren't aggressive. If you use this script as it is -right now- your account is going to get a guaranteed ban.
  4. copied from the homepage: "Does TRiBot work on Mac and/or Linux?TRiBot Old-School works perfectly fine on both. Just remember to use the latest version of Java 7 or Java 8. Unfortunately, TRiBot RS3 only works on Windows." So this is incorrect info? Only Java 8 is compatible?
  5. Java 7 up to date. Attempt to run the client, nothing happens. i.imgur.com/LVHNIVJ.png
  6. I bought this script for $25 in 2013, stopped using it early 2014. Is this script still updated? Still working? Do I need tribot membership or whatever to use it?
  7. I noticed in the changelog it says "- 2h weapon patch" Does this mean I can use a 2h, and it'll switch to a 1h weapon for tasks like dragons, basiliks, etc. ?
  8. Fails randoms constantly, watched it fail two randoms in a row. It didn't even try to do them because the script disables randoms for long periods of time.
  9. Script doesn't use correct armors for tasks. It's using plate armor against pyrefiends, zygomites, etc. I set the armor exactly like you told me to, but it doesn't work. Thanks.
  10. Has basilisks task, opens the bank then script crashes. running current version. No message in the log.
  11. This is a tribot client error, but my internet will dc for minutes at a time, making the tribot client no longer valid, or whatever. But then when the internet comes back on, the script says something like "maximum number of instances running for this script." I thought we were allowed two instances? Or is this completely a tribot problem.
  12. What version were you running: Latest What is your issue: Walks to Chaeldar, gets stuck for a little. Then finally talks to her, then gets permanently stuck on the dialogue. If I click manually ("click here to continue") then the script picks back up and does the task How do you think it happened exactly: I have no idea Severity rating (1-10): 10 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100% Happened on my very first run of the script. Have seen this posted before in this thread by other users.
  13. how do I get the equipment to switch according to tasks? I might be missing something but I can only set one set of equipment, and I'd like to set two (hides and armor).
  14. How compatible is this script with breaks? I like to use breaks and most scripts I use don't bode well with breaks. >Yes. Just flag tasks that require quests. What if we don't know what tasks require quests?
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