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  1. Hey Integer, It's me again. I'd like to repurchase the script after I asked for a refund. I know this is extremely fickle of me; but I agree to pay full-price and give up my right to ever ask for a refund for the script again. I have helped you debug the script a fair bit and I've seen it grow exponentially. If you would allow me to repurchase, I would be grateful.
  2. I still can't get it to run; I haven't been able to run it for ages (check the logs). I'm on Debian, could I get a refund?
  3. I'm on Lite mode; I leave the general tab as it is, I use teletabs, ignore ardougne clues and that's pretty much it...
  4. It keeps getting stuck on various clues; the mouse just hovers around aimlessly. One account banned, I'm laying low on my other account. I'm thinking of a refund, not yet though; I can see potential in this script.
  5. I suggest making the camera on the highest angle at all times. Also, IMO, don't release a medium clue solver. The easy clue solver currently has to be babysat due to all the bugs. I'd rather have a script that can run at least 2 hours unsupervised than two scripts that run 30 minutes unsupervised before getting stuck.
  6. Clue #3506: Gets stuck behind the building its supposed to go in. It was after the Genie random, not sure if it affected the script.
  7. I figured out the problem. The script occasionally adjusts the brightness to the second lowest by accident, breaking the script for some reason. It's working now. THERE IS ONE ISSUE THOUGH, which is the script not depositing teleport runes when it's on teletab mode; it only deposits fire runes.
  8. One of my accounts got kicked out of the HAM base and it just ran north continuously to the cowfields and got stuck. The other account opened a casket and just got stuck; staus was doing clue.
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