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  1. bank organizer (quest item tab/farming & herb tab/ crafting/raw materials tab/rune + potion+ food tab/armor + gear tab)
  2. also interested in this
  3. Why has nobody mentioned that he's wearing whip and barrows with 60att/1def?
  4. As i'm sure most of you know, OSRS has updated this morning. My question is; Is the bot currently stable enough to safely bot with? I've been seeing many threads about people having problems after the update, and i'd hate to put my accounts at a higher risk if they were to get stuck for some time.
  5. Do you accept TOS: Yes Amount of gold wanted: 30m Payment option: Paypal Have you added me on Skype: Yes
  6. I feel I have because I've been getting such low proggy rates, yet somehow have made a lot more than expected. I'm also experiencing a bug atm where the paint has not shown up at all.
  7. I know dragon bones are flipped pretty often but that's just one item out of the 16ish. Can I PM you my list and get your feedback? I started with 4.4m on the acc and now have 5.5m.
  8. Purchased this script yesterday and not exactly sure how I feel about it. From 8pm-5am CT I was only getting ~65k/hour with AI start. From 6am-8am CT I was getting ~100k/hour with AI start. EDIT: It is now 9am CT and this progress report has gone down to 85k/hour
  9. Just ran this script for ~4hours and I must say it is overall a very well done script! Power Surges: During the Power Surge I had a Granite Maul set as my spec weapon, and it worked very well after grabbing the power surge, except after every 2 gmaul specs it would re-equip the Greataxe, flick Rapid Heal once, then equip the Granite Maul, use two special attacks, and repeat. The perk of the Granite Maul is that you can keep special attacking repeatedly but when it un-equips and re-equips it after every 2 specs, it kind of defeats the whole purpose. I also noticed that it was using my Grani
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