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  1. Buying 100m - Insomniaa Message me on skype: live:zinarsshop
  2. Your "credibility" doesn't mean anything if you start scamming others. The fact that there is proof that you had malicious intentions and try to victimise yourself right now is disgusting. I asked you several times to give them back jet you go in a denial and act like a retard while you know good and well that you just took them. But I geuss your credibility is worth only 30m, I kinda expected better from you.
  3. @Fluffee he is ignoring me I think im safe 2 say gg rangers
  4. Scammer's Username: @TheOmenLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: @TheOmen Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype/Sythe Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Describe in detail in your words what happened: I will tell my full story: In the morning, I wanted to sell my pures (which needed fcapes) So I pmed several people incl. @theomen he wasn't available for this first account but he would be available for the second account. We come to an agreement of 7.5m, I give him my account information and requested a screenshot when he was done. To my suprise I see his main standing next to my pure and I noticed that he send a trade request to his main and accepted the trade. (quiet suspecious) So I directly asked him why he traded his main? He responded and told me he stole 100 sweets & 1k zulrah scales and would give it back (nothing to big was gonna let it slide if he would give it back). I Told him I couldn't trade him directly because I wasn't home yet, but would be in 20 minutes (this escalated as my sister wanted to get some food and eat there) So I log on, everyhing was fine checked my bank and I see that my rangers are gone I confront him again in the hopes he would return them to me and now this fucker denies everything. Evidence**: Proof its his skype: https://gyazo.com/30c652d7c5a49f4f7813314ed645c162 https://gyazo.com/4364d2783eb9bad6117bae3b6ae4450f Other: This guy is a disgrace, I wish I could cut his fingers make hotdogs out of them and force his siblings to eat it.
  5. How did you pay with paypal in the first place ;O?
  6. start by selling for 1.2$ kappa gl though!
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