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    I don't do any of these either or have never done, and I havnt used rsbot since I came back to oldschool. The only pass I used on this account and it's a very random one has been put into tribots client.
  2. iFlip


    Ok I've been using Zainys Ultimate Pc bot and complained that it wasn't working. (obviously its a pay per month bot) and you want it to be working for the most of time. Eventualy I got it working (sort of about an hour before it broke) and went to bed, I came back unsurprisingly was logged out. When I logged back in I was in lumbridge NO skull and no 3 itmes in my invent..Checked my bank, over 15m coins. 400dragon bolts 60k bronze arrows, 100 mage short bows, 1k diamond bolts, fury, archers ring 4k coal 1k mith and 2k gold ore have disappeared. I've been botting for years since rsbot.org on
  3. second PC bot I've purchased today. Both should be taken off the market until fixed. Bot just stands their and plays with chat settings and sound settings. Awful DO NOT buy until somebody says its fixed (other than the developer)
  4. Just bought this script, Its disgusting TriBot are even allowing this script to be selt. It can't even do 1 game alone nvm get you 250 points. The script stops when you die, the script stops if you get stuck behind a brawler the one time the script managed to see the end of a game it wouldn't cross the plank to get into another. Awful, don't waste your money
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