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  1. Is there a way to make it use any charged teleport item IE games necklace versus specifying a charge number? Also it doesn't seem to use games necklace? It'll hover over the options but not click burthorpe. If I manually teleport it'll go as it should to the spot.
  2. Script is insanely good, had 16 hour session but had to close the client cause of a tribot related bug. My only complaint is that it seems to buy too many staminas when restocking, I had like 300 in bank before I noticed and sold most of them.
  3. Two regular clients. He said he's been trying to contact you guys through live support for a while IIRC
  4. Howmany nature runes does it thieve per hour? If I do nats w/ automatic muling, will they all return upstairs assuming they go to ardougne center?
  5. Any chances on lava runes being supported? Also could the low end/high end computer question be saved so we don't have to answer it every time we use the script?
  6. I was having an issue earlier where it'd go to the wheel at the motherload mine (to fix it) and it'd freeze. I'm pretty sure it somehow got to the combat tab but when I went to inventory it'd drop the hammer and continue as normal until it went back to the wheel and bug out again.
  7. Alright I guess i'll block wyverns because a 7 kill task taking 1hour isn't fun.
  8. Could you make it, for wyvern tasks, go to the western side? The eastern side is the "Range" side and it always tries to use the eastern side and gets no kills, tries to steal wyverns and gets reported for the botlike pathing it makes, etc. Sometimes I'll get a wyvern when it eventually goes to the western side and it'll run mid kill to the eastern side when a wyvern spawns and it's pretty obvious that the account is a bot.
  9. I sent a gif and stacktrace of when the script constantly swaps between tabs (like quest tab and equipment tab). It does this with the attack style tab and prayer one as well and basically when it tries to eat or do anything in the inventory it'll get stuck because it's on a different tab and it'll keep clicking where food would be if it was on the inventory tab. sent to your PM* Was this ever addressed? I've been having this issue since I bought the script 3 weeks ago so I'm not sure if you forgot about it or what.
  10. I'm getting this issue too. I get it with this script and Mute's slayer script, but this script does it constantly when Mute's script is fine for a while then begins to do it at a random time until I stop the script. Other then that it's a great script.
  11. A big issue (common is the biggest reason I say this) is that the script will stop and say you don't have certain items when you do. IE it just told me I didn't have a hatchet when I had numerous axes of numerous types which it used fine previously. It does this for food when I have hundreds of the type I set it to among other things. For example It'll go for an hour fine, bank and say there is no food and I'll check and it'll have 500+ monkfish and I'll restart the script and it'll be fine again. Can't really get a print stacktrace thing because it stops the script when it gives that error.
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