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  1. I get this exact thing. Lava123, did you fix this by any chance? I am using LG and tribot will crash every so often. Also when the worlds lag it doesn't log back in.
  2. Last time i used this to barb fish I got banned in 2 days. I also see people complaining about it malfunctioning a couple weeks back.... does barb fishing work?
  3. Very nice script. After 10 hours I average 414k an hour with 99 hunter. I have been away from botting for a while, what are the recommended break times to use with this script?
  4. I have botted 4 other skills for long periods of time, got 3 of them to 99. Used this script again, despite my best judgement, and got banned after one day of botting for 2 days.
  5. I am 50 cmb. I look up some of the people the script logged out on, and most of them are level 70-80 and have 94 mage/range. I have my mouse movement as fast as possible, and I have a really good computer/internet connection. I only have a one complaint after using this script. It has a low chance of happening, but when switching worlds it selects the world it just logged from. This was the only way I have died, and I have looked through the logs and seen it do this a couple times.
  6. I've been running black chins from 73-91 in 3 days, and it works like a charm. I have only died once in these 3 days, it logs out or runs away perfectly each other time. One problem I had in the beginning was waking up in the login screen being prompted to allow an ip, which was some time waste. After I allowed most of these ips, I have ran it through the nights for 13 hour proggies with no deaths/bans. Great script, I recommend anyone on the fence about buying to just buy it. I like that Dax uses his own script, and quite a bit at that, which acts as quality assurance.
  7. This guy logs in every day... He either doesn't pay any attention to this thread or just does not give a fuck
  8. I just kicked to death the level 21 cmdr that was probably trying to kill your level 19. Got a free glory and some chins.
  9. C, Games, Glory, Sharks, bank at 250 chins I have watched it log out perfectly before getting pked, but I was not watching when it banked these two times. It doesn't say anything about running out of traps, but i figure that would be the reason it has to bank early. Edit: That was the reason, sorry for the ignorance on my part.
  10. why is my bot banking before getting 200 blank chins? It banked once at 52 chins, and I thought it might have been a one time thing... but the second run it banked at 80.
  11. I used this about a month ago and stopped because it is a very obvious script. 3 minutes at fishing guild and you can see who the bots are just by the way they switch spots. Instantly changing after the spot moves is very suspicious if you do it repeatedly.
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