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  1. Hello, I have an issue, so I went to check the bot and it was in the cube room trying to teleport to lumbridge, but you cannot teleport inside the minigame
  2. Without any profiles, is there a way to start with augments? Cheers
  3. Dentist did you resolve that multi craws bow purchases? I'm getting the same issue. EDIT - I had gear equipment profile with craws bow (u) equipped.
  4. Having issues with woodcutting, [12:07:39] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"player":{"attack":1,"defence":1,"strength":1,"hitpoints":20,"ranged":28,"prayer":9,"magic":1,"cooking":1,"woodcutting":1,"fletching":1,"fishing":1,"firemaking":1,"crafting":19,"smithing":1,"mining":1,"herblore":1,"agility":1,"thieving":1,"slayer":1,"farming":1,"runecrafting":1,"hunter":1,"construction":1,"setting":[{"key":10,"value":0},{"key":11,"value":0},{"key":17,"value":0},{"key":32,"value":3},{"key":63,"value":0},{"key":68,"value":0},{"key":71,"value":0},{"key":101,"value":5},{"key":111,"value":0},{"key":116,
  5. Thanks for the rapid response! Yes you were correct, i didn't think i had to save it haha, thanks buddy. Amazing script btw.
  6. [19:12:05] Script Started: Fluffees Tutorial Island. [19:13:23] java.lang.NullPointerException [19:13:23] at scripts.fluffeesTutorialIsland.tasks.y.o.y.u.F(SolveCaptcha.java:21) [19:13:23] at scripts.fluffeesTutorialIsland.Main.J(Main.java:96) [19:13:23] at scripts.fluffeesAPI.client.wrappers.clientWrappers.ScriptExtension.run(ScriptExtension.java:133) [19:13:23] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [19:13:26] Script Ended: Fluffees Tutorial Island. not sure why ?:o
  7. Started using on new account, i started 1-10 gnome course (progressive). Looked back and it was walking to the draynor course. Might be worth looking to add home tele for that. Also, it stood there trying to disable a random on another rooftop for ages.
  8. SOCKS5/HTTPs Proxies Looking to bot securely with individual IP'S? Here is your perfect solution, with these brand new unused proxies! Upon payment you'll receive a brand new proxy with a secure login/password Proxy Locations Available in USA and Europe Prices 1+ Proxy(30 days) - $3 5+ Proxies(30 days) - $2.5 10+ Proxies(30 days) - $2 Payments RSGP - $0.65/M -- 1 proxy = 4.6m Paypal (Gift) Wish to renew your proxy? Renewals are available on all proxy purchases! Just let me know 24 ho
  9. 1 Minute later it's still trying to click safespot in this picture: I know you can't see much. But status 1 minute later is still trying to click the safespot still. this carries on until break log out. If you cant understand I can show you somehow in private.
  10. Hi, my safespot will missclick, and once it miss clicks the safespot (clicks the tile underneath which is a rock) it'll spam click until either i re-set the mouse position or break logout. can you fix this asap please? it's giving me trouble on my bots. Thanks in advance
  11. Yeah i had the same problem. i dont think that was updated on it. sucks but eitherway the script is being discontinued so ye :/
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