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  1. hey till now only one problem, after if buy the 100 points into exp, it stops the script, any fixes?
  2. one more thing, the antiban says some stuff totaly like a random bot..
  3. hum... maybe it misses to much the right click at the target thats why we get spoted alot
  4. the junk drop still glitched, if its in the inventory window, wont go to the bad window to drop stuff.. edi: bag window
  5. some times when it goes to a random event, the fail check says no more coins and it just log [email protected]#
  6. 2 times this got me stuck 0.0 once into ice mountain second time at wizards towers, the script mensage: walking back... spam click to walk... Antiban mode some times it just stand in the starting comp for like 10 minutes!
  7. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet:yes How much gold you need: 50- 60m Payment method:paypal Will you feedback me after trade:yes
  8. if someone stand in the captain position, bot wont do anyhting... stuck!! !
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