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  1. this is the most fucking disjointed conversation I've ever seen. are u guys high?
  2. Sure, 1. I botted about 800 hours f2p on this account before membership via credit/debit for the last 2 months. 2. both. I usually run it near 48 hours straight and then take a day off. averages out to around 18h/day 3. i haven't played on the account legit for many months, it's overall total level is low and was created recently. 4. I write and use my own scripts so I haven't implemented a tracker 5. standard client 6. I'm botting something quite unique that gives me very little xp earned for the hours spent (2k/h)
  3. I've botted 1 account for around 18 hours a day (no breaks) for the last few months - totaling over 1500 hours in game time, no bans.
  4. Selling 07 at 1.59/m, link in signature
  5. Selling @ 1.59/m if you're interested
  6. Get the buyer's government ID and make sure they pay via PayPal balance for larger transactions.
  7. Thanks for the application man, taking it into consideration Appreciate the application, will get back to you
  8. Welcome Crimson! Great to have you on the team. - STILL HIRING!
  9. RainbowGP is HIRING! I am looking for reputable and friendly people to join the sales support team at RainbowGP. We are a fairly new business, specialising in buying and selling both 07 and RS3 gold, and we have quickly made ourselves known in the market here at Tribot as well as on several other forums. Due to a significant increase in traffic, I am offering a place for 2-3 additional sales support agents to join our team. Job responsibilities include livechat operation and buying/selling gold. At the moment, there are no time zone restrictions. However I do require that applic
  10. Hey, with the new update on rs with the world switcher, the script will not switch worlds to buy wine. Also I die about once an hour when I am thieving bandits. Rogues worked fine with a death every few hours or so. But just wanted to let you know I will be posting a bug report when for bandits. But as of right now could you please update logging out.
  11. I can take that, message me to sort something out
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