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  1. new account banned in 2 days. was doing 3-4 hours of gameplay with 2 breaks for a total of 12 hours of gameplay each day. was using proxy and everything. Just an fyi to prospective botters.
  2. I assume you never read my reply to your first post They offer UP TO 3.3/m. Their prices vary. Im offering 150 any way you want it for 50m OSRS GP Please refer to my first reply to you Thanks! Still looking!
  3. No, it is firm. I have the money ready whenever, wont mind if I just have to wait for the regular seller. That is fine. Perhaps someone will want to make a cool $150. Still lookin for 50m OSRS GP for $3/m ($150 vs 50m GP)
  4. I only have dealt with one gold seller, but they are no longer selling. I have only used this site for scripts and that one seller. If you dont want to trade with me, no need to spam the topic.
  5. Buying 50m OSRS GP for $3/m by either WU, Google Wallet, or PP Only going first to trusted, otherwise will do increments of 10m. 50m x $3/m = 150$ USD
  6. nn spam. i can do simple math. if anyone wishes to sell to me, i got the cash 24/7 thanks bump
  7. Title says it. Will be paying Paypal, WU or Google Wallet. Payment will be 120$ vs 45m OSRS GP My prior seller is no longer selling. Seller must go first if not trusted or provide a vmm Thanks!
  8. Script works great, but careful of getting banned. Zerker just got banned while using this script, level 65 rc rip
  9. This scripter is a mod too isnt he? How can they allow this to go on for so long and people spending 10$ over and over. Looking for a reliable agility script and apparently none on tribot.
  10. Got it. Works flawlessly @ yaks. Can it safe spot at all? and do you plan on including banking? great script
  11. I am sorry about your grandpa. About the script, can this script do yaks also?
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