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  1. Purchased another script from Druid, impressed with the design and capability to make fast gp. Nice guy to work with. Thanks a lot!
  2. Not much you can do. Did you bot the tutorial?
  3. I know that earlier it was acknowledged that private scripts would be revisited but I hope to hear something about it soon. I have paid a lot of money investing in custom scripts and as all others we've paid the private script fees which provided revenue towards the site. We have supported tribot paying this fee. sixth months on my private script auths is disappointing. It's simply not enough time when these scripts become so costly.
  4. From what I've seen over a few years on tribot there's been a general lack of scripters and hopefully more decide to come here. I don't mind adjustments if they produce good results. I definitely feel like there's some quality of life updates needed for the client to make botting less time consuming to set up, and if this is one of the steps to go in the right direction towards improvements then that's great. @Todd Out of curiosity what will happen with free scripts and auth counts?
  5. Aroxez

    2 days ban

    There's been a clear increase in bans even in NMZ across the forums and in my own personal experience which has inspired my conclusion.
  6. Aroxez

    2 days ban

    I wouldn't do it. Something has changed detection wise.
  7. I've noticed it's been down every time I checked. Never bothered asking.
  8. Careful. Ban rates are extreme right now.
  9. Yeah I've had to make some adjustments.
  10. It's universal for paid and unpaid scripts, you might feel like your script manager is getting congested so you can remove scripts accordingly. I'm with you though, I doubt many people remove paid scripts. The answer to your question is yes you can reactivate them if there's paid time left on the auth.
  11. Aroxez


    I believe you'll get the connection timed out severity response from the login screen.
  12. I've seen a different post about this one time on here, someone else may remember too.. all you can do is contact Jagex if you want help
  13. When you create accounts and bot them through tutorial I would wait 48 hours before using the accounts, so you can have a better idea where your bans are coming from
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