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  1. I bought another SOCK proxy to bot on so I don't end up getting a chain reaction ban. I bought it from ProxyFish.com, I don't know how to create an account using the proxy (tired making account on my phone, then login into account on tribot with proxy configured and the account got locked, since creation IP and login IP was different. I can't configure it on Firefox since the proxy has an IP, port, username and password. There is no input for username or password. Please help :-)
  2. script isn't working.. it tries to load ore on belt and it says I must put money into coffer to pay works? Help pls
  3. I'm using this script on my 1 def pure.. any tips for me? I'm eating a TON of food.. wish there was a prayer option.. I would just pray meele on cyclopes.
  4. what's the best 1 def pure combat xp script? I'm only getting 30K xp an hour at rock crabs with 70 attack and 60 str.. suggestions?
  5. Is there any decent scripts that support cannoning.. preferable 1 def friendly
  6. I got a new laptop and cant figure out how to get tribot setup.. when I download and try to open it this is what is says. any suggestions?
  7. I've never once been hacked in 10+ years this blows my mind.
  8. Okay im pretty sure my tribot is bugged because I just botted for the first time on a brand new account and the password was changed within an hour. Has anyone ever experienced the same?
  9. Okay this is going to sound very strange but I need some ideas on what happened to my account! I played on it for about 2 weeks legit only playing dmm! then I decided dmm was dead and was going to bot it on 07 into a SOTD pure account.. had been playing 07 on the account and transferred some gold and within 24 hours my account was hacked I think.. I've never had an account hacked before in 10+ years lol.. so im confused.. the account no-longer appears on the hs list... but I added the username on an alt account and the account is still addable.. the username wasn't changed or anything.. I was at the GE and the game DC'D on me and tried to re-log and it told me invalid password. any thoughts? is the account hacked or something else weird going on? ps. ive tried loging in on the main page and no-luck.. don't have the email/recoveries.
  10. any tips for training combat on deadman?
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