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  1. Time to finally add some more to this thread ^.^ Last location before getting banned?: Ardy somewhere Skill botted?: theiving Breaks or no? yes, random 20-30 min breaks every 2-4 hrs If so how long?: ^^ How long did you bot per day?:4-10 hrs Banned before?: Yeah but fresh ips, every acc is made off a new ip Type of ban?: Perm major macro VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No) no, I use 1 ip/2 accs-1 computer Scripts Used? DamrauMasterFarmers Other Bots Used?: everything was manual on these accounts until thieving time,used CC AIO Pickpocketer for 1-38 on 3 diff npc's How many bots at a time were bei
  2. Angry, I'm curious. Does the script you use click on the monsters? I've been using a potion sipping script for god knows how long, most of my nmz times tbh, and Im fine on my main, should I be worried? I assumed the simple mouse movement and clicking would be next to undetectable, anyone?
  3. 200k xp in 4 hours? Share script please! cant wait to use this There's reasons why people get banned, and why others don't, and its because some know how to bot, and some don't. Don't blame it on the client, blame yourself. You decided to break the Runescape rules and you got caught.
  4. You gotta give it to Wealth, He's doing a good job of keeping us botters at bay. How are some of us still going but others are having absoloutely no chance? That I don't understand
  5. Ok, well here's my story... Started rs about 70 days ago (came back) Started a main which I have never botted on Decided to make an account to tan leathers, went well for about 6 hours, then I got greedy, and made another, the new one picked flax for a while, whilst the first one continued tanning, then both tanned overnight, logged onto each to get dcd with instaban for goldfarming. So then came IP 2, completely new ip, I have my own method of irradicating my ip, seems to be working well. 3 days later I made a new account, was to be a clay mining account, went awesome for lvl 50 mining off
  6. Looking for someone who is getting a load of runes in on a constant basis, or just someone with a load of runes to sell me Love buying in bulk Looking to spend roughly 5-6gp ea on earth/air/water, 220-225 on nats, 190-195 on death, 90 firm on chaos, might buy others too? Throw me a message, let me know what you offer, and we can work something from there Happy Botting!
  7. Ill buy some, but not for that price... thinking 6gp ea
  8. I'm up for buying some at 750 ea, pm me what you have
  9. Hey dude, what kind of price range are we looking at?
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