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  1. NVM lol according to my records I had VIP for like three more days but apparently not. Don't got time to do all that haha thanks though
  2. Other than RC stats are all 1. lol
  3. I have three accounts that have like 3 days left of members, and I don't plan to make members again. What should I suicide bot that I can make some profit all accts are like 30 combat one has 47rc lol. So yeah! what script!?!? obv not premium, wouldn't be worth the investment
  4. I can buy @ 2.3 send me a PM if interested
  5. Pandaboiii


    Welcome aboard
  6. I need to level a few accounts from lvl 3 to maybe 15-20. Would this be faster doing quests or botting? I tried the chicken scripts and none of them are working for me. Anyone have any other ideas or scripts? Thanks
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