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  1. Is there a way to check if a player can move or not? like an attribute of Player or something? I'm trying to determine whether or not my player has been frozen from ice barrage or ice blitz. Right now i'm checking the game message to see if I've been frozen so I increment the current run time by 20 seconds which should be just an approximation since there doesn't seem to be a good way to determine when a game tick has started. The problem is that I need to know if a player has ice blitz or ice barraged me since those freeze timers are different. I was thinking of checking the enemy player's animation id to see if it was a blitz or barrage. Any other ideas?
  2. docs say that it "returns true if it is valid or not". What does valid mean in this context? like if it still exists? ie. if it's not null?
  3. I looked around and it looks like tribot has a maximum mouse speed limit? I set a Mouse.setSpeed(10000) and it's about as fast as if it were set at 200. My script relies on the mouse to be very fast but this mouse speed limit is really hindering me.
  4. Every time I try to view my local scripts, the client freezes. I've done a fresh install and waited for the game to fully load before accessing it too. Nothing seems to work. Anyone else run into this issue before?
  5. @Einstein Thanks! I'll definitely check those out. One thing I'm really interested in though is if there are any examples of source code for scripts that implement ABC2 that's well received by the registered scriptors?
  6. Depending on the college/university you're going to, if you're expecting comp sci to just be programming, you probably shouldn't get into it. A lot of people assume that you're just going to be making apps for 4 years and drop out when they realize there's a ton of math. I'm about to complete my degree and there's a lot of theory involved. I think out of 40 courses, around 7-8 were pure programming based. CS degrees aren't necessary to land a job, but you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage if you don't have one.
  7. Joined Tribot quite a while ago when it was pretty much released for OSRS but I've stopped playing for a few years. Looking to get more involved in the community and write some scripts
  8. I've been trying to get my script to show up when i click "start script" and when i searched for this problem, I came to a post from 2013 that said that VIP was necessary. Is this still true?
  9. this should be in a custom rs client. The bot client itself is a major drawback for pking.
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