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  1. So lately i have been getting a lot more bans on couple machines doing same thing while other 2 runs no problem. Bots on Windows machines tend to not get bans what so ever where bot i make on Linux are getting wiped in 1-6-12 hours. I deleted jagex chase and all those other files with Natons tool - got new resi IP's. I mean i have 4 modems - i know IPs are good + its same ISP on all 4 machines. I would never think i say this - but in my case it feels like running on windows is safer then Linux. Your opinion on this? EDIT - after installing windows 10 on both machines bans are gone. But at the same time i do think my problem was related to browser = fingerprints even tho i used brave / firefox "private" windows for accounts creation.
  2. nice release man!! will try it for sure
  3. Decided to make my own area - got stuck like this and eventually client crashed i think? didn't saw what happened but it was turned off somehow.
  4. hey, by any chance you would add this? as i can see there is no updates done after this message
  5. crashed on 2 accounts on 2 different machines doing same spot / method. coords - 3053:3253 (port sarim willows) (i am doing chop + burn) (i have done 2 account ~2 days ago with no errors same spots) https://pastebin.com/SZhsLXj2
  6. trying to get 50FM and WC on hardcore, so far it performs really bad. 1 - It spams click minimap when burning logs. Clicks to burn log then Clicks on minimap while state says "moving to start tile" or something like that. 2 - sometimes this red frame that should surround Tree hangs in air and bot keeps trying to click there even tho its nothing inside it (should be tree) These problems happens using different modes (normal / progressive). Restarting client does not help. using different locations does not help.
  7. Disabling graphics and not using CLI = problem fixed. I enabled graphics because it saves ONLY 10% of CPU and also to see if this was the problem. so disabling that gave only boost down from ~37% to like 27-30%. Ram usage did not changed. I also gave 386 mb rams instead of 256mb per client (this should not cause problems as farmers runs it with 256mb no problem anyways)
  8. yah, it started only after using hunter script. and its really strong enough PC to run 10x any kind of script man, maybe it could sturggle with Zulrah..yet i doubt.. When i start the hunters they use 30% cpu and like 45% ram. and then in the period of like 2-4-5 hours it can go up to 50-70-80% cpu. did not saw how about rams. felt like it goes up too, will have to monitor. i can tell more exact timing maybe tomorrow after more crashes happens. But its hard to catch whats going on. One client freeze and stuck and was causing cpu spike. killing it fixed the problem and cpu went down to normal. Started same account again - all 10 works ok for like 1 hour so far no problems.
  9. 256mb, and im sure i disabled music on all clients. i will double check it
  10. Hello guys, So i have 2 PC's. 16gb rams each / Amd ryzen 5 and ryzen 7 CPU's. I ran 5 fletchers for a week no problem on ryzen 7. Then i got 5 more. Started them on Ryzen 5. Merged all fletcher to ryzen 5 + started 10x hunters on Ryzen 7. Ryzen 7 with 10x hunters started to fuck around and crash / freeze PC in few hours.. This morning i can see that my fletcher (on Ryzen 5) crashed on few clients AND cpu went from 40% with 8 bots to 60% with 6 bots..clients are really laggy. I tried using this "reliability tool" of windows but it suck ass showing crash logs..didn't even showed last crashes. Anyone have any idea what is going on? Maybe there is some kind of software i could use to track down where is all the leaks and source of crashes(?) Or maybe its just all on tribot and nothing about my PC's? I used these PC's for botting other games - my CPU / rams would sit at 70-80% 24/7 for months and never had any problems with crashes or leaks or increasing usage of resources. EDIT - so i checked CPU temp on ryzen 5 with 6 laggy fletcher bots running. CPU temp sits at 45C. EDITv2 - i ran 10x hunter again. This time i was at the PC before it crashed. So 1 client was freezed and not responding - CPU at 80%, close to 70C temp. Killed that client and it went back to normal. Started the same account again - so far so good. Music off.
  11. guess its time to come back to osrs botting after this new client / mobile bot announcement. Looks and sounds insane!
  12. guywithlsd

    Found you

    it could be me from parallel universe - you are the eintein, you figure out!
  13. So i was doing Plague city + X quests + Biohazard. It got all the items in GE - including 5 varrock tabs and 5 ardy tabs for Biohazard. During the X quest it used 1 ardougne teletab because AFTER plague city you can use Ardu teleport (most likely DaxWalkder decided to use it) When it started to do Biohazard, it was missing that 1 ardy teleport and because of that (thats my guess) stoped. When i started it again it bought + 1 varrock / ardougne tabs and did the quest.
  14. Why no banking? you always get fossils there that fill up inv and you also get dmg and food is needed no matter what lvl so banking is essencial for this method. Sad bro.
  15. ok good to know. is ~30HP enough to cut them? and will bot re-bank for more food?
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