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  1. Yeah, having a rough time Goldfarming now. Bans are outrageous. Find your method, dont share it and GO HARD. Look on PlayerAuctions.
  2. A "Queue" feature would be nice.
  3. Thanks sooo much man really appreciate the huge hit in profit. Clay is crashing like no other now. A++ for you big boi. Super Duper!!
  4. The new skill in 07 is making me bank. Got 15 bots going hard on sailing
  5. Nice upload, but I wish you didnt.. I feel my profit/hr is going to go down now and the ban rate will go up significantly. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Please pm me your skype, always buying. Current price: 90 ea
  7. Ive heard of this happening to "High-Profile" players. There isnt anything you can really do. Jamflex has the right to Delete/ ban your account whenever. You can try emailing them, but I think you should just move on.
  8. efnkje


    Please add pest control support
  9. Im pretty sure Update 8.22_0 had somewhat of a rework. Read more here. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/26027-tribot-release-822-0/
  10. I use this script daily and it works flawlessly! Well worth the $15. There are just a few things I wish I had. - Multi item selling. - Saving settings/ load settings (this includes items you are buying and selling) - The ability to open the GUI after it has been closed to edit what you are buying/ selling. That is my wishlist and would make this script on par with competition.
  11. bought one bond. Was fast and communicated well. Thanks mate
  12. Buying 6 bonds for 1.2m ea. Please add and message me on skype ASAP. Skype: Coltonmmc
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