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  1. whipz_man

    Gem Crafter

    Nice man ! Starting to release stuff !
  2. Whipz Scripter Application Snippets I have released a big part of my API free and open sourced. It includes banking, buying and selling on the Grand Exchange. As well as a lot of other methods, such as my botevent (should be bottask I know). The github attached also has some useful methods in the Methods class. Part of that code is a little outdated, however it's a good learning source I feel. https://github.com/Whipz/OpenSource Tutorials I have a tutorial on how to use some of my events (tasks) in the above snippet section. --> https://community.tribo
  3. Whipz CannonBaller Script is live: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3886 GUI: Features: Restocking: Buying and Selling at custom prices (compared to RuneLite) Questing: Dwarf Cannon, Dorics Quest, The Knights Sword Get remaining levels: 29 - 35 (just does iron 2h swords) Link to Open Source part of script (No quests) -> https://github.com/Whipz/OpenSource/tree/main/cannonballer Updates: v1 initial release join my discord channel below.
  4. https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3877 Script is now open beta just easier let me know of bugs ! added waterfall quest Updated to support waterfall quest and dwarf cannon
  5. Has been updated to get current tile
  6. whipz_man

    Whipz Quester

    Whipz Quester Script is live: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3877 https://streamable.com/l463bz [VIDEO HERE] Supported Quests include: Druidic Ritual - if 10 hp it will take food Dorics Quest Vampire Slayer - needs at least 9 magic Restless Ghost Cooks Assistant The Knights Sword - needs 10 mining Witches Potion Imp Catcher Witches House - needs at least 9 magic WaterFall Quest (ready but in testing) And More Coming Soon! Features: Mid-questing GE for required items This
  7. Thats awesome ! thanks man can come join my discord and ill be trying to update the staker with your current suggestions tonight, had a really ruff week. Hopefully things are back on track. https://discord.gg/3p83Ggc6
  8. Yeah a heap more features for a premium one, different styles of betting eventually a custom on what to do at x losses or x wins etc and be able to just duel 1 - 5m and just put up what they do within the range etc
  9. Can you use this for local screenshot uploads ? instead of using imgur ?
  10. Hey guys; I have updated some of the things in here, there is now Bank Cache as well as GrandExchange but only for buying. I have also added a showoffscript, just so you can see how it works; Video: https://streamable.com/f5b3m1 Main Script: This is how you get the script to show up in script selection or it will not show up. BotEvent: This is what every event will need to extend this allows for isCompleted() isFailed() and setInterruptionCondition() which allows you to stop an event for x reason and a few extra things from dax's api that i use for questing a
  11. Whipz Staker Whip stakes for you in a martingale way. Open to adding some hardish coded methods and features however most will be saved for premium I will not make a scamming method. Script is now live. https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3857 Features: Anti scam (items I know of, and will only accept last settings) Anti lure to some extent if your not at Duel arena it will walk back Only lets you use coins but allows for you to receive both coins and platinum tokens Stop on 100 hits left
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