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  1. Update: Big fixes, should work well now from level 3 (bonded account) to full cannonball making gets all stats required.
  2. V1.07 Fixed a lot of issues, added restocking, at the moment restocking is set for 10 trips only, this is to beta test some of the new features. Once I get some information back about how its working etc I will release an updated version that has a new GUI with restocking options and a save profile button as well, which will finally allow you to run args in the future. It will only eat trout at the moment as well. Sorry xD
  3. if thats not one of the best script guis ever i dunno what is
  4. Whipz

    Whipz Quester

    Can you join my discord, and get me a gif at all ? Did you try restarting ?
  5. Whipz


    Its a pretty cool idea behind it, would a external program be better than a script tho ?
  6. I feel I don't really have a say as I am so fresh to the rank. However if I did have a vote, I would vote yes. I have known @Winton for a long time. I believe he has the skill required and is active and helpful in the community.
  7. Whipz


    Nice work man ! Looking good !
  8. Whipz

    Gem Crafter

    Nice man ! Starting to release stuff !
  9. Whipz Scripter Application Snippets I have released a big part of my API free and open sourced. It includes banking, buying and selling on the Grand Exchange. As well as a lot of other methods, such as my botevent (should be bottask I know). The github attached also has some useful methods in the Methods class. Part of that code is a little outdated, however it's a good learning source I feel. https://github.com/Whipz/OpenSource Tutorials I have a tutorial on how to use some of my events (tasks) in the above snippet section. --> https://community.tribo
  10. Whipz CannonBaller Script is live: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3886 GUI: Features: Restocking: Buying and Selling at custom prices (compared to RuneLite) Questing: Dwarf Cannon, Dorics Quest, The Knights Sword Get remaining levels: 29 - 35 (just does iron 2h swords) Link to Open Source part of script (No quests) -> https://github.com/Whipz/OpenSource/tree/main/cannonballer Updates: Update: Big fixes, should work well now from level 3 (bonded account) to full cannonball making gets all stats required. v1 initial release join my dis
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