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  1. Im not sure if you caught the beginning of it or not, but Im a college student in Kentucky, and the money is with after cost. To make $70 a day around here would be 10 hours of minimum wage everyday, and i assure you plenty of people do not work ~70 hours a week and still make it. But most importantly this allowed me to stop working during my free time to focus on school, and i believe a lot of people are in the same boat i am on this forum. Also, thats $25,000 a year, over double the poverty line. The average income in Kentucky is $25,888 for a single person @StaleSoups
  2. The alternatives are more like extra food/fun money honestly Haha. If anyone was feeling nervous about it theres a large market for bot ready account selling on forums other than tribot which are a lot less risky. And yes it is hard, but finding your niche and something that works really goes along way!
  3. I did a 15 man runecrafting farm for natures, they have fairly easy requirements as well!
  4. I have been banned on bad proxies even before botting, i would guess its flagged dog ?
  5. Ive never got into thieving personally, but tribot has amazing scripters. Check the fourms and see what people say about it! Gl as well
  6. Glad you like it! I'm currently trying to teach some guys from class about it and making this post was way easier than telling them each 100 times lol. I know you may have some botting advise as well if you wanna add any id appreciate it! @YoHoJo
  7. *As no one knows how Jagex bans accounts, all opinion's are my own. **In response to comments, I've revised the post. This is meant to encourage/help people get into botting, as well as some tips to people who are not succeeding. I spent a lot of time making this because I think this information is useful. First, not only is it possible to make a living botting, but I make more now than at my "real" job! I do this by diversifying how I make my money and picking up as many streams of income as I can. I'll go into what a normal day looks like, but firstly you should learn the
  8. It will most likely affect your next ban however, probably wont get back to back 2-day
  9. Hunter has the highest ban rate of any skill, you could try to bot on a proxy with an ip change though. Claim you got hacked if anything goes wrong
  10. Could try it on a proxy if anyone else ever runs into this issue
  11. If you get banned on a proxy but made the account on the home ip, you can have a decent chance claiming it was stolen and get it unbanned
  12. Ive been going about 5 months strong with no bans on this script man, thanks for the work dog
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