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  1. I see, I departed around January but I remember there was a stir about bringing back Legacy mode? Did they elaborate on that yet?
  2. Hey guys, I have long been absent to the whole Rune Scape scene due to school and relationship concerns. I just visited the Rune Scape website and the whole layout has been reworked. Has the game itself changed? If so, for the better or for the worse? Thanks in advance for bringing me up to speed, Ripe
  3. Hey, I am not really sure what I will be doing. Will be sorting that out within the next few days. -Ripe
  4. I'll deliver you a welfare package of 100 gp per 9 hours. Seen?
  5. Thank you for your offer! I really appreciate the welcome.
  6. ahah thank you. I'll consider it.
  7. Good evening fellas, I'm Ripe and I am from the United States. I heard about this website from a different RuneScape community and it seems really well organized. I have plans on founding a Gold trading establishment with a colleague in the future but for know I am just going to cruise the forums. Thank you, Ripe
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