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  1. Thank you for giving me anorther chance. p.s ban dsales hmm astrola is still banned?
  2. yes I agree and I was honestly hacked what I get reported for double post or something minor would I be permed. The person Ive refunded is off-site as I was banned for off-site scamming. He is from powerbot his skype is mrextremez It is 3am here for me brb mourning
  3. Yea I was evading on icelandrs and this account dsales is also mine which I created some time ago just wanted to come clean. I am astrola I've refunded people. If there is anyone else to refund I will be happy to do so. My skype was hacked which lead to people getting scammed.
  4. Username: Astrola Reason: Off-site scamming Issueing authority: I think the black tux Points: perm ban Explanation: My skype was hacked and scammed 80m 07 and I think other people not sure All Im aware of is that I've refunded that person.
  5. I made it myself but its scrap work I can do much better designs
  6. Yea and thanks for the warm welcome
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