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  1. Glad to see a fully rework on the script. Gonna test it out soon on Ardy knights, if it works good enough I'll definitely buy it. Cheers!
  2. I average about 1150 casts per hour using Fire Wave at 92 magic, and using Ahrims with absoprtions, one session lasts for about 3 hours. You just gotta test out how many hours your setup can stand and the exact ratio of absoprtions/overloads or overloads/pray pots. After a game ends the script will run to the bank to withdraw the amount of runes that you inserted in the interface, if the amount is not there it will logout.
  3. @erickho123 The script is not selecting Fire wave spell after a game ends to start another. I have to manually click it, so it can continue normally the banking process and starting another game or my character just sits there doing nothing. Tested it a few times, and everytime this happened, EDIT: It also happens if i get a disconnection. The script logs back in and never select the spell, I gotta manually click it, then it continues. EDIT 2: Forgot to mention that it started happening after the update for Dragon Slayer 2. So this probably is occurring due to some change with the spell's IDs with the introduction of the Surge spells or something to do with the layout of spells in the Combat menu.
  4. Efficiency wise I'd say pray flick, but I also think it is more "bot-like" than using the rock cake. I personally use the rock cake to stay at 1 HP.
  5. Yes, instead of choosing "Pray flick rapid heal" you can choose "guzzle rock cake to stay at 1 HP".
  6. I'm using this script til 99 strength. DH + absorption + pray flick rapid heal to stay at 1 HP. Just did a 6h proggy, at 80 Str the average XP/hr is 75k. Will let you guys know if anything wrong pops up.
  7. Same program from the same developer, but for windows: https://www.murgee.com/auto-clicker/
  8. The bot is working well at Fishing Guild with lobsters, but it is taking about 2-3 min to start the banking process when inventory is full. I tried both deposit box and booth banking, and both are taking too long to bank. Other than that, no real complaints!
  9. Great script, got from 20 to 70 in two days!
  10. Awesome script, I used it from lvel 47 to 99 in about one month. Thank you, @Aropupu!
  11. Thank you! Will test it out and update the result here. EDIT: Working flawlessly again! Almost 9h without breaks and going strong!
  12. The script is breaking after less than a minute. Client debug: [13:40:48] Downloading script 'qqqChins'. [13:40:57] Script Started: qqqChins. [13:41:05] Settings loaded [13:41:47] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 5 [13:41:47] at scripts.OldSchool.Hunter.qqqChins.k(qqqChins.java:401) [13:41:47] at scripts.OldSchool.Hunter.qqqChins.E(qqqChins.java:496) [13:41:47] at scripts.OldSchool.Hunter.qqqChins.run(qqqChins.java:543) [13:41:47] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [13:41:47] Script Ended: qqqChins.
  13. At Fishing Guild, while trying to bank the lobsters, sometimes it keeps clicking on the "Talk-to Banker" and doesn't do anything else.
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