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  1. lost it at the avatar 

  2. As long as you use proxy on your botter account it wont affect your non botters.
  3. I've tried to restart and rerun that script. 1st bot started normally, was boting fine for like 10min. Then it stopped moving around for the rock crabs to notice him. Hes standing at one place and doesnt do anything, just fights when the crab respawns near him because of the auto retaliate. I started my 2nd bot at the same spot (Rock crabs east) and it started to go to Barbarian Assault's storage, deposited all my food from inventory and went back to the training spot with no food. I also have problems with Looking glass. After few minutes of boting my looking glass client freezes, but on normal rs client it shows that its still boting. Maybe thats the problem that the script dont run properly? Also runescape was updated today maybe thats the problem too?
  4. I checked my skill tab while boting and it couldnt switch back to inventory when it had to eat, it kept pressing on skills. Almost died. Sometimes when i start script it starts to run west all the time. Sometimes if mobs dont attack you it just stands until it logs off
  5. Im training at roc crabs atm and it was working fine for 1-2h. Now when roc crabs wont attack me no more the bot just keeps running around. Then i restarted the script while i was at roc crabs and the bot went back to bank, put my all inventory to the bank and kept walking north west.
  6. It was working fine for 15mins then my 2nd client froze (im boting with 2 Looking glass clients, but it freezes even if i bot with jsut 1)
  7. Oh, ok. Ive set it to 15 now will see if it changes anything.
  8. Where can i find that?
  9. I've done that but im still not able to change it. My settings looks like this: free image host
  10. I cannot change that idk why. Its currently set to 100
  11. these were already set
  12. So I've been using looking glass for few days and the client that shows in bot keeps freezing after few minutes of boting. But the normal client is running fine and i can see the bot is doing its job. Its not a big problem since I can see everything on normal client and rerun script on bot if somethings wrong, but its a bit annoying.
  13. Im trying the trial atm, bot ran for 16min then got stuck at paying to the dwarf. After i restarted it it instantly crashes, saying that i dont have bucket or bucket of water in my inventory, even tho i have it. Works fine with no Looking glass client. Btw wanted to ask, how long do suicide botters last untill they get banned? Thinking to make few to bot 24/7.
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