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  1. LazyFTW

    Can anyone help?

    https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52934-tutorial-when-tribot-doesnt-work-correctly/ this guy
  2. you're an idiot i will go first to anyone legit enough or willing to use a middleman without problem gtfo out of here
  3. No it doesn't.[23:12:21] lazyftw.tribot: get mm[23:12:26] lazyftw.tribot: i don't mind[23:12:29] lazyftw.tribot: you're the one who minds[23:12:31] Bushhy: Fuck off. You're an annoying tryhard scammer lmfao (rofl)[23:12:33] lazyftw.tribot: i'l pay the fees please no idiots trying to scam me
  4. LazyFTW


    Profile of user:https://tribot.org/forums/user/101748-yoyo0/ Date: a while ago didn't log on for ages Feedback left:Attempted a Scam Fraud, Very Childish, Would not Trust. Why should it be removed:euhhmm the guy never finished my order and whn i logged on account was empty we got beside that and i got refund for the part he didn't complete so i don't think he may leave me any feedback If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread):
  5. 10m for 1050 points not 850 how did u come up with 850?
  6. getting a strange error not sure why is it because of needed update or? also thank you for getitng me nearly maxed!
  7. u wern't even doing the fucking order what are you talking about? anyways yea not sure if you're blind but i was very friendly up until this point i'm tired of talking to you all u can do is talk
  8. did u read the whole post if u did u saw i kept asking for updates ? also if i have no other choice i'll prefer a refund for the rest of the service also i will leave them a negative feedback for not being satisfied that is acceptable yes? i find it very sad for them not finishing it on time and me logging on to an empty bank but i guess nothing can be done i'm done workign with services like that i guess thank you for responding tho atleast you took some time to look into it i was tired of talking i work a lot i don't have time for this @Montreal
  9. Since u keep pointing your fingers towards me and claiming u worked with bigger banks fine i'll settle with a 3 way ban me trustmybet and yoho since they claim i'm framing them bur dont have proof but i got evidence of their suspicious behaviour confirmed by the support who posted i dont even want a refund i want you banned bruh so yeah lets settle this i got a lot of scripts on this account worth a lot and i would give that up to see scum like you gone from here
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