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  1. Scams me 50 dollars doesn't log back in since the scam; still doesn't get banned. Fuck you and this website.

  2. This guy is a scammer completely avoid him.

  3. Added you to Skype. willing to pay 2.9$ per mill
  4. Where the F does this guy know what client am i using? botting?orion? selfmade private 3rd party client? HOW DOES HE KNOWWWWWWWW
  5. liliduffie


    this is actually kind of a interesting " you was using bot client to play NMZ " how the f can they tell that, huh ? so back in same sandbox where i can guess that client still IS detectable ? and no, dont be dummies, afking cant get you banned. ofcourse if done legitmately
  6. damn how i hate when i pay out money from something and then other people just come and take it free. makes me feel bad
  7. i actually read your whole long and sad story and i got only one thought about this - isnt bitching about prices in otherpeople threads a bit off rules or im missing something? And you counted up 20+4+10+60+5 = 99 hours. Dear sir, make me one account from scratch within 99 minutes and i will be doin this servise completely free and for every customer i get, i will pay you 5m. So yeah. 99 minutes! and ofcourse prices are negotiable, you dont have to talk fairytale to ask that.
  8. Might look pricey at first, but in same will earn back that money in no time and i havent noticed similar service offers yet, so prices might change, when other people ( maybe ) starts to offer same service
  9. Creating NMZ Host accounts for you guys Topic can be found https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36287-creating-nmz-host-accounts-for-you/ Greetings
  10. What i need, is level 3+ Account, with all levels 1 or more. What i will be doing? - i will get all quest requirements + complete quests How long does it take ? - Approximately 2 days How much does it cost ? - Approximately 5 - 10mil OSRS GP Quests which will get done on account : The Lost CityVampire SlayerFight ArenaTree Gnome StrongholdThe Grand Tree OR Mountains Daughter - You choose this one. Do you want to host mtd or demon. As usual, add me to Skype from Signature. can accept also Skrill payments. No PayPal.
  11. Sharieng is careing as they say..
  12. as my good friend told me, when your lifts drop - its good. but do as much you can. give 110% what you got, even if its not same number whats been told
  13. actully they should add flying mounts to game aswell, to make it even more WoWish
  14. NO! we dont think with head! we fking bot on imps, earn 30k/hour and be fucking king of the runescape! YEASH MAN! fk yeah!
  15. i was also about to say that OP should change his avatar :/ i thought it was usefull post by trilez. hah
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