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  1. Iarrow has been accepted to the team, We're still looking for 1 more team member.
  2. You pay for the vps's. I pay for all the servers. 24/6 Bot management through 6 different monitors to ensure safety of bots. Ability to work as a team instead of solo and taking all the risk on yourself. As team we split everything between us even, nobody gets less or more.
  3. Nice one, But you forgot 1 thing about: Why would someone pay to rent a host when they can just buy a hosting account for 5M and have their own lifetime host??? 5M is jack shit. It's free people do not have to pay 1 cent for the account or 1 gp either. second...Safer because multiple people are able to manage the bots ( check if they work correctly )and re-activate them 24/7 when runescape updates have happened. Stop negative commenting here,Whats the point of it? making me stop the business?Not gonna happen. I already got 2 other partners
  4. Can't say website but.... i know some that sell for $3.10/mill and $2.90 And i said expect, Means it could also be a bit lower ;p
  5. As a team it's easier to stay safe. Either way it's not just that. People have the possibility to hire their own HOST from us for a weekly or monthly termain. And..... As a team it's easier to create the accounts instead of buying them.
  6. Hey there, I'm currently looking for 3-4 partners to start a business in Nightmare Zone hosting on Runescape 2007. Our destination is to become one of the best hosters ( with allot of host bots ofcourse ) out there. What would you expect from becoming a partner into this project? 1. You'll receive payments in OSRS GP or Paypal, You have the possibility to choose between. 2. Expect to sell the OSRS GP you're getting from us for atleast $2.90/Mill 3. If we get into business correctly without any mistakes we're able to make up to 1B or more monthly, This means that payments will be between 100-200M OSRSGP Which has a value of ( $300-500 USD ), It's not only that but these payments are monthly. If you're interested in becoming a partner please fill in the format bellow. --- Name: Age: Country: TimeZone(TMZ) EX: GMT+1 : Availability daily : What do you want your job to be at our project? : Skype Y/N : Teamspeak Y/N : Do you have a MIC? Y/N : --- Current jobs I'm looking for. 1. Bot's creator/Quester - Someone that does the quests on the accounts so the accounts are able to host. 2. Live Support - multiple people that assist customers. 3. Manager - Someone that manages every payment and transactions. 4. Bot Managers - Multiple people that watch over bots to see if they're working fine. And more jobs might be needed later. You can also add me on skype if you'd like to discuss about this project with me. Skype: frizzer-rs Current Team members. ~Bots Manager/Manager - Frizzer ~Live Support - iArrow ~Live Support - Turm Elite ~Account Quester - Available ~Account Quester - Available Thanks for reading
  7. Hmm i saw a guy posting? selling nmz accounts or something?
  8. Been up for straight 47 hours without sleeping, Time to take a break -.- 6 levels in 3 days is huge.
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