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  1. For me at thzaar runite it just keeps right clicking combat options tab and right clicking the log out tab does nothing else
  2. First time this happen but at tazhaar. I guess it gets stuck on the banker while Trying to bank because he was in front of the crate. I think. Maybe you can add him as a bank option? Because it justs keeps clicking on it
  3. Screen is still null for me can't click to log in. Started with no errors.
  4. Hopefully you can understand blue is where the 3 rocks are and orange circle is where the bank is. Requirement to get in is a fire cape http://
  5. Login bot has been failing a lot lately at Heros idk if it has anything to do with the flickering. But can't get it to run for very long pre flickering
  6. hey for some reason the premium runite script does work anymore for it only detects the kind of pick im using and it doesnt do anything. any suggestions?
  7. hey i thought the banking problem at rogues den had stop but i guess not it enters pin and doesnt deposit rune ore i got the trace for you here [13:34:13] obf.ge.i(nl:2151) [13:34:13] obf.ge.F(nl:1796) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterface.hover(ko:1075) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterface.click(ko:687) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterface.click(ko:573) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api2007.Banking.inPin(qm:15) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api2007.Banking.inPin(qm:34) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api2007.Banking$7.active(qm:658) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(el:141) [13:34:13] org.tribot.api2007.Banking.openBank(qm:384) [13:34:13] scripts.aMiner.kA(aMiner.java:2783) [13:34:13] scripts.aMiner.xA(aMiner.java:7527) [13:34:13] scripts.aMiner.run(aMiner.java:7395) [13:34:13] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
  8. @Aropupu I mean its logs in and logs right back out sometimes even tho there's runite ore
  9. hey can you make it log out immediately when you rock gets stolen and is there a way to turn of delay when it logs in and the runite rock is there takes a little while before it clicks on rock, heros guild btw, thanks [04:45:51] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0 why do i always get this message? can you pm me too another thing i noticed is that when it logs into a world are there are two runite rocks spawned it will sometimes log out and the get the rock
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