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  1. Currently not working, This is the error.
  2. After deleting Cache and restarting PC, scripts had to be redownloaded and had to setup account handler / break handler etc. etc. I get this... same as before.. Any suggestions or do I need to wait on devs?
  3. How does one with a simple mind do such a thing? haha
  4. Auto Wintertotd not working after update, Do we have to wait for script author to update? or should this work with your updates? Please let me know. Thanks for you quick responses to OSRS updates.
  5. Just recieved a Perm Ban on both of my accounts for using this. Used it for approx 3 hours on both accounts today and recieved perm ban on both. :/
  6. 5 Hour Proggy (If anyone's Interested) Thanks for a Great Script. http://puu.sh/3aCH1.jpg
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