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  1. Works fine when mirroring to OpenOSRS in x64 or in injector mode. Mirroring to Normal Client in 32bit mode gives me this when trying to start the script. [14:16:17] [nScript] [Warning] Script is terminating with exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to obtain GUI controller java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to obtain GUI controller scripts.napi.framework.NScript.F(NScript.java:1542) scripts.napi.framework.NScript.a(NScript.java:769) scripts.napi.framework.NScript.run(NScript.java:735) obf.Ae.vC(sl:1115) java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:832) [14:16:27] [nScrip
  2. Will write detailed bug reports, going to PM you my discord. It's easier to post them there.
  3. Script gets stuck entering the draynor manor, everytime. Somehow gets itself stuck between the trees on the right hand side of the entrance. Repeatedly keeps trying to mapwalk to the door without moving, have to manually move it in to the manor. Everything else in terms of the Vamp Slayer quest went well, trying Ernst now. Edit: Forgets to loot spade when getting the gauge from the fountain during Ernst the chicken. Keeps spamclicking the fountain, had to manually intervene. Doesn't bring enough stamina pots so it frequently just runs out of energy. I'll try to
  4. on the "locations", you have to actually click the small circles marking where exactly you'd like to stand. it's a great script, hope it ends up working for you.
  5. My tribot firewall is disabled aswell, odd. Starting at clan wars, no brothers killed. all supplies, spades, tabs, rings etc. it doesn't do anything. goes to options tab and just loops until it turns itself off. I will PM you my discord, can send you more detailed info.. I don't know why it's looping like this
  6. no looking glass, here's my settings.
  7. literally, goes into options & says Status : Deathwalking cleared caches, hooks, started at CW according to instructions.. tried diff setups etc etc.. just will not work, all items are there etc etc.. It goes to lock camera zoom & then does nothing.
  8. Thank you for applying so much effort, your older open-source scripts have been a tremendous help. Have a great day
  9. Appreciate the quick response, also the world hopping has an issue on F2P Accounts. It will get stuck repeatedly trying to hop to member worlds, in a loop. World selector on login page works fine though, great script overall. Lacks simple features and a proper breakhandler (we all can agree tribots built in one is aids) Stamina pot functionality should be in every skilling script imo, I've yet to test the goldfarming + muling but It seems promising and I look forward to testing it. Usually a little skeptical about using scripts that haven't been updated in mont
  10. Impressed by the trial, so I bought 10 instances. although Lack of Ring of Dueling support for Castle wars (Teak logs) and lack of Stamina potion support. Very disappointing, effectively makes Teak logs @ castle wars not an option unless you have high agility & full graceful. even then its slower than necessary. Hope you add it soon!
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