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  1. Amount to sell:50m Payment Method: paypal Skype User? jordan r ( i have add u) Will you leave feedback? Yes
  2. i had the bot running over night and wen i went to work. got home went to start it up and if i start the bot in the bank the script state: just says nothing. and if i start it in the dungeon i just get exit_dungeon?
  3. just did a 34m trade all went good. i went 1st had the money in about 2mins thanks
  4. sold 15m 07. money was in my acc in about 2min. thank you. will b trading again.
  5. can you make it open the door when it gets stuck behind the door? and does it pick up clue scrolls?
  6. reinehr13


    love the script i just wonted to no if dbx is going to b add?
  7. thanks for the fast update man. love this script good job(:
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