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  1. O hai der, I am selling 5 Tribot credits for 900k per credit. You can add me on skype (marikpannekoek) or just leave a message below. Cheerio
  2. Sold 26m. Transaction went fast and smooth. Great service and friendly workers!
  3. Title basically says all. The transaction will go through paypal and I will only sell it to trusted forum members (scripters, donators, mods, etc.) You can add me on skype for further negotiations: marikpannekoek Cheers.
  4. Just got perm banned on one account using this script. Ouchie ouch.
  5. If you solely play legit from now on, nothing bad will happen to your account. As soon as you start botting again, you will be banned within no time. I give your appeal very little chance to succeed, because I think that jagex doesn't consider Orion to be a viable source of evidence. Changing your IP cannot protect your account that has been banned for 48 hours. It will only protect other accounts on which you are botting.
  6. So far there is no hard evidence that this will actually decrease your chance of getting banned again. Though, there are many theories in which it is commonly believed that re-downloading those files (after you have changed your IP) will help. I can guarantee nothing, but you can always try it, since it is very little effort.
  7. Changing your IP isn't harmful, so basically you have nothing to loose. If I were you, I'd change your IP address. In my signature is a link to a guide I have written to easily change your IP address. (If dynamic, which is most likely the case). If I were you I'd also delete your Jagex Cache files. (Windows Explorer -> Search 'Jagex' -> delete all the 'Jagexcache' folders.
  8. Problems with scrips are fixed already. Awesome work!
  9. Damn, it did break my runecrafter though. It won't use pouches anymore
  10. That welcome message definitely does the trick
  11. Bought two bonds again, combined with 20 credits. Fast service, extremely helpful and kind. Will come back again.
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