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  1. Looks and sounds promising, looking forward to testing it out soon!
  2. Currently the script doesn't re-aggro unless nothing is attacking. Would you be able to add an option to help that with barraging/chinning? Such as once they stop aggro at all, to reroute? Otherwise the script will just continue to slowly pull one or two extra from the spread of the barrage or chins. Worst case, maybe have it look for a minimum amount of attackers at once or even a timer to when to move to the de-aggro location.
  3. I completely understand adding extra complexities wouldn't be worth it at times, and I also understand not everything I suggest is viable or logical in terms of time, use, or availability. I've just been watching the script a lot and like to take notes of certain improves or ideas. Rather they will be useful to you or not I feel it may be worth a brief thought. Thanks for taking the time to reply to them. As for 7, I'd suggest maybe adding a feature to use recommended alongside specific items and/or quantities if it's easy to do on your side.
  4. More Ideas... Use Stamina before leaving for a trip instead of using space to bring it (fix) keeps trying to click on ground items (rune battleaxe in my case) while frozen by skeletal wyverns Player goes right past bank again when going to shanty pass. Why not use the bank to deposit teleports if last charges are used or no longer needed Potion combining. Character brought 2 vials of one dose (antifire in my case). Grab food drops from kills to use during tasks if low Optimize bracelet quantity to bring on drip. Brought 2 exp. bracelets to do Drakes both f
  5. Very logical, putting into perspective your thoughts/view on how Jagex handles accounts I absolutely agree with you. That'd be the most feasible way of them batching together. However with them starting to crack down harder, personally I wouldn't be surprised to find they look for overall mouse patterns on certain things such as banking or equipment; similar to a heatmap. I'm sure you handle it very diverse but it still seems to be repetitive behavior in terms of clicking on almost the same areas or exact spot each time of an item or area on the map/tile. In terms of them sitting and
  6. Quite fair, thanks for taking the time to evaluate and reply to my points. Hadn't realized how reliant the script is on keeping diverse from everybody else. Definitely makes me feel even better about the quality. I do think some people get luckier than others though such as in the point of hovering over skills and right clicking stuff. It's nice to be different but some tasks just don't make much sense in terms of being humanlike. For example, If I had to choose I wouldn't want to be that person to oddly right click every stone or non-descriptive tiles/objects. Or the person who literally neve
  7. Hey bud, I'm blown away by the elegance of this script and your pride in progress. I've been using this for a few days now with very minimal issues but throughout I did come up with some ideas/faults that I believe would help improve the future and potential. Some are critiques, but I figure I'd add them anyways. Either way, keep up the fantastic work! (+) Making an option to allow more afk/offscreen time would be very promising for antiban. I know it has an option to progress the more it plays, but it's still very short timeframes. Would be nice to see a threshold you can set to adjust
  8. I noticed that the bot has been eating food when it doesn't need to such as having full hp. Did a Troll task and my character ate my all my sharks in my inventory for no reason. I assumed at first it was to free space for drops but I already had room. Any reason for this to happen?
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