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  1. so i was botting like 45 mins ago and i stopped so i could get looking glass. bought the VIP extended and tried to run again, popped up and said i needed JDK. installed that and now my tribot loader will not launch...need help
  2. im trying to start my script up and i get an error saying "since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run one script at a time" i dont have any other instance open
  3. my computer froze so i had to restart and when i came back and tried to hit start script its giving me an error messgae saying "sine you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run one script at a time." not sure how to fix
  4. while my guy attacks the experiments the bot clicks my run on and off, sometimes runs to the next experiment sometimes he walks
  5. Im looking for a teletab maker. Ive noticed there are very few scripts for this and they are all unreliable. Im looking for one that supports the demon butler, in my own house so i can pretty much just sit in my house and have my butler run for me. Im willing to pay atleast 10$ for a good working script. The sooner the better. Thanks
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