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  1. If they blacklisted your HWID, you would need to reformat harddrive and update BIOS to change your HWID. (Unless you get HWID spoofers which you can find) Some routers also allow you to change your MAC address, or you'd need to call your ISP and request an ip change if your router's MAC address is static. Hard life :\
  2. Maticus

    A little confused

    Buy CS:GO skins and bet them on csgolounge
  3. Have botted 20 hours out of 24 and haven't had a single problem with any randoms.
  4. Pretty much a VPN service if they're selling you a 'private ip' as a sock5. But yea, it'll work if you need a new ip while botting.
  5. So much work to implement this into the client, and server side. You have the chance of getting banned botting everywhere, (unless you're botting Sudoku or some shit like that which has 100% ban rate). You can't predict ban waves, or individual bans. You could get a delayed ban while running oak planks because you were botting fishing a week ago.
  6. Believe it or not, there actually isn't a chicken slayer script that loots the feathers that works. Tri's chicken slayer doesn't loot and the other one in the repository wasn't working today for me.
  7. Used to make bank with this type of script back in the day. Glad to see it's back
  8. Sold me 3m. Trade went great, highly recommended. Thanks
  9. Amount of gold to Buy/Sell: 1m Payment method: Paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: mattyonpsp (skype) Have u added me already: Sent you a add request on skype Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: yes
  10. Sent you a skype request, forgot to add my Tribot username. Skype username was mattyonpsp. Sorry about that.
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