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    Like Runescape, LOVE botting. If you ever need help feel free to add my skype :) im on almost all the time

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  1. Bot is currently broken. Can not hop worlds. The interface says it is hopping worlds but it just changes which world it says its hopping to every second and just afks in the log-in screen. Please fix! love the script so far!
  2. Just bought the script. I it just banks grabs items and then tries to click the bank again, exits and repeats. what am i doing wrong lol
  3. It will also on occasion get stuck while hopping worlds. I havnt been able to run the script for more then 2 hours without it bugging out. I dont use looking glass.
  4. I got the script to run. However, upon returning to the bank from the wilderness it gets stuck at like 28 wilderness for some reason. Not sure why. But my guess is sometimes it misclicks the glory and then just sits there in the wilderness with a full inventory
  5. Just bought the script. Can't get it to run at all. just sits there. Doesn't even say anything in the debug. Says "When traveling to level 30 wilderness we will use free_to_play worlds" and then does nothing.
  6. Lmao anyone can tape porn. I'm looking to cheat on a test.
  7. I am looking to find an earpiece I can hook up to a hidden micro camera that can then be streamed to something. I don't know exactly what I am looking for and need help. Ill pay you well if you can help me figure it out. Add me on skype: Delsolhbc looks like "The Delsolhbc" Thanks in advance
  8. Does each IP have a different username/port/password combination? To me, this is very important because in past disputes, this has been a major issue. If you do not have this, people can simply go through your IP’s sequentially and gain access to multiple proxies they did not pay for.
  9. Millennium I warned you bro, but you didn't act hastily.
  10. Hey guys I stopped Goldfarming due to the massive banning going on. It's been a bit but can you guys give me the down low on if its worth it again?
  11. So my main got banned and i no longer have any runescape accounts. Does anyone know the best way to make a good main account without getting banned super quick?
  12. Hey, I need a bow string supplier, I will buy at high prices, not merching prices msg me my skype is "delsolhbc"
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