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  1. It's possible. A few years back a friend of mine took down our local world (Texas) for a couple of hours, which I thought was pretty interesting. As to how he did it or if other people were involved, I have no idea. Good luck though! If you're actually going to do it, please record it!
  2. Whopper


    Welcome to TRiBot!
  3. Whopper

    #1 Spot to bot.

    I almost facepalm'd if you actually released the location...
  4. Hello everyone, I'm selling a vBulletin license I've owned for quite a while now. I no longer have use for it, so I'm looking to sell it to someone trusted for PayPal. The license price, according to vBulletin, is around $230 however I'm selling it for much cheaper! Here's some details: Set Price & A/W: $115 Login - how will it work?: You will receive all of the login information to the account. Why are you selling it so cheap?: I intend on purchasing a different forum software upon selling it, so I'm selling it very cheap in hopes of getting money quicker. License Type: 4.x Forum Are you willing to go first?: Yes, but only to trusted members. I'm actually only selling to trusted members since this trade will be involving PayPal. If you're interested, please post below or send me a PM.
  5. Whopper


    I think I'll get my post count up then join!
  6. Just a FYI, you can use the same email for multiple accounts. ex: [email protected], [email protected]
  7. Wow, that's insane. 110k coal and 110k iron ores? Jesus...
  8. Damn, that's unfortunate. Good luck bouncing back, man!
  9. Whopper

    GE Yes or No?

    I'd say otherwise. It'll be up soon!
  10. Whopper

    Hey, hey!

    Welcome to TRiBot, Christopher!
  11. This^. I thought the actor looked to emo-like, not that I'm necessarily against emo individuals or anything. I imagine the role to be played by someone with a different story background as opposed to "I have no goals or aspirations." Which I'm now questioning as a pun at players who play RuneScape?
  12. Whopper

    merch clans.

    Word on the street is that Jagex is cracking down on merching clans, classifying them under the rule 'Games of Chance'. I'd take caution proceeding into merching, especially merching clans.
  13. Perhaps it's something worth bringing up in Suggestions. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/41-suggestions/
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