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  1. ohParadox

    VIP purchase

    Reload the client.
  2. ohParadox

    I bought VIP yesterday

    You need VIP-E for Looking Glass. Also, the client will always say Purchase VIP even if you have VIP/VIP-E.
  3. Hey man, Netami is sleeping at the moment. Join his Discord server here and I'm sure he'll reply within a few hours when he wakes up. Best of luck!
  4. ohParadox

    mbuyer help??

    mBuyer hasn't been updated in almost 8 months. I recommend giving ExShopper a shot, use the free trial to see if it works for you. You can activate a trial here.
  5. ohParadox

    NBA Finals Bet

    Lol. As I said, playing in game 5 being able to lose a few is different than playing in game 7 in a do or die situation. Take the series price.
  6. ohParadox

    NBA Finals Bet

    If you want to take a series price bet, I'll do that. Monday means fuck all for GS. I fade on games that mean nothing in the stretch.
  7. ohParadox

    NBA Finals Bet

    I would rather use a major booking site to create a bet. I already have a $200 bet that I took of the beginning at the season that GS was going to win the Finals. +800 odds.
  8. ohParadox

    NBA Finals Bet

    1b that Warriors win it all.
  9. Only administration can help you here. Mods are not able to change your name.
  10. https://quickrsgp.com/buytribotcredits
  11. im about to pull up on you son
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