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  1. Hey, I'm using it at Ogres, safespot. Sometimes when i leave it for a few hours i come back too it just outside of the radius and its just stood there, normally having a random solved in the log at the bottom, do you have any idea how to solve it?
  2. Sometimes i find mine running me around a safespot before even attacking, for up to a minute, or even sometimes just not attacking because it selected another mob off screen with the blue square, any remedy for this? Also i find that the only spot it works ok at is East, which is always packed.
  3. Hello, Stupid question i know, But how do i even make it curse/alch? i can't figure it out for the life of me. I just bought it Thanks
  4. Hello Tri! Have i set mine up wrong or is it the script? It seems to like leaving giants half killed, which is a huge problem, as people then moan at me.. making it obvious i'm a bot as i don't reply. Also the world hopping is a bit odd, why does it run out of the tunnel in order to hop? Other than those things, it's pretty good
  5. Is there somewhere to post about bans? Been using this bot for 3 days, admittedly using it for around 10 hours each time without breaks. 1 day ban. Love the bot though, maybe i should take it easy for a bit.
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