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  1. When I start the script, load my setting, click start, I get an 'Error connecting to Anti-Captcha', yet when I go on anti-captcha I can see the captchas being done, yet the script isnt creating accounts.. also why is the script using my actual IP and not the proxy I have provided?
  2. cant run the script anymore, was working fine last night but now it causes the client to lag so bad that it cant even cut a bow.
  3. fix this.. all default settings, set to lumbridge east - copper and tin. constantly does this, inbetween every single action, click rocks, moves mouse over to left, right clicks, does next action, etc.
  4. strange how i just received my credits.. maybe you placed it into your reserves ?
  5. The payment was authorized, and the money has been sent, still no credits.
  6. paid for 5 credits using paypal almost 5 hours ago, still no credits...
  7. RS 3 -> 07 / 07 -> RS 3 : RS 3 -> 07 Amount you want to swap : 20m How did you contact me (Skype/Live chat) : Skype
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