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  1. i just downloaded the bot and it comes up like this, do i have the wrong java or jdk? i think ive had this problem before but cant remember how i solved. pic of tribot folder.
  2. hey guys, i havnt botted since about 2014 and when i did my main account got perm banned (i was aware of the risks), i am now trying to access the account as i was able to get 2 of my other accounts that were perm banned for macro unbanned, however i have forgotten the account login and registered email, is there anyway to sort this with only ingame name and password? i also used this tribot account and thought maybe the account details would be saved somewhere on here as i saved my login details to the bot at the time. any help is appreciated.
  3. i would buy this right now if i was garenteed not to get banned from it.
  4. keep getting this msg with more than enough runes in my inv. any tips?
  5. i got a perm ban within 2 days of botting. with breaks. very flawless script, 100% ban rate. not really worth it.
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