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  1. TO HOUSE: Tele Runes TO BANK: Glory Mounted TABLET: House Tablet USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: False USE SERVANT: False Script won't start. When I fill in the GUI my character just stands there. The state in the paint says 'Starting'. If I try to start the script with my account logged in and the items in my inventory ready, the script immediately shuts down. Debug: [18:09:55] Starting client.[18:11:14] Downloading script 'USA Tab Maker'.[18:11:20] Script Started: USA Tab Maker.[18:11:23] Login bot started.[18:11:23] Login Bot: Login...[18:11:40] Login bot succeeded.[18:11:40] Mouse speed set to: 137[18:11:40] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.tribot.api2007.Skills$SKILLS[18:11:40] at scripts.UsaTabMaker.run(UsaTabMaker.java:220)[18:11:40] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[18:12:10] Script Ended: USA Tab Maker. @Usa
  2. Someone volunteer as tribute so we can get this going pls
  3. I appreciate the fact you're being honest, but I don't think anyone will pay you to use bots on their account. Good luck to you though
  4. A working clay humidifier script with ABCL10 Free pls
  5. Botting chins is really popular because it's great gp/hr. You'll see a bot almost any world you go to when you hunt red chins
  6. Why would he risk $1000's of dollars that this website brings in to hack your account for 20M? Either something you're not telling us or you have malware, btw you should download and run ComboFix. It is fucking amazing for malware and viruses even if you don't think you have malware it's good for your PC. It's free aswell
  7. No need for that white knight post. You're not a scripter or a mod, there is no need to get frustrated. Some of the new people don't understand if it's a client issue or the script itself and are just posting for help
  8. Yeah you can right here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/142-selling/ I think VIP is around 2.5M - 3M for 1 month VIP extended 3.5M onwards for 1 month That's just a rough estimate from all the threads Iv'e seen. You might be able to find cheaper
  9. TO HOUSE: False TO BANK: False TABLET: Camelot USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: False USE SERVANT: True Issue(s) Experienced: Keeps firing the demon butler, varies when it happens. Sometimes after 1hr+ sometimes within a few mins
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