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  1. @TRiLeZGood luck fixing your computer! Sorry that it's having issues, thanks for trying your best to fix the bot! Hopefully Tribot will be back online soon! Thanks! All we can do is pray =P
  2. I'd rather they start banning people like you that believe in banning people for asking questions (which aren't even answered in the stickies, mind you). Take yourself and your nasty authoritarian mindset out of the forums of my favorite botting website please. =) Trillez is doing his best to try to get the bot up and running again! Hopefully, it will be soon, but there isn't an official l time disclosed on when he will be back up if that's what you're wondering. I'm not sure about this as a record for longest downtime though.
  3. Hey, I purchased VIP-E about two weeks ago... I would really appreciate to be compensated. I was also using Erickho's NMZ script that I purchased with credits for a limited 30 day use, and have been unable to play for a few days because of this. I understand if I can't get compensation for the script or whatnot, but just thought I'd mention it. Thanks a lot for providing compensation for my missed days though! I really appreciate it! Nz4e
  4. nz4e

    Ban expiration?

    Thanks a lot for the insight, Yeah to confirm the ban meter is at 0, it has 1700+ total level, the account is 3+ years old, the one ban it has "Bot Busting Moderate" says "expired" next to it, and the ban meter has no green. Last year I botted (with the ban offense having not expired ) a skill with tribot LG from 71-99 in a short period of time going like 6-10 hours a day and got it to 99 with no ban) I know you guys are only guessing but I still appreciate your insight. So you're saying that I SHOULD be good to go as long as I don't bot for GP? Thanks
  5. nz4e

    Ban expiration?

    If my account got one ban in the past (Bot Busting Moderate) - and it has now since expired (it was in 2013) -> Will it get perm banned if caught again? The ban meter is currently at 0. It is an old account that's very quested and has valuable stats.
  6. Hadsome success botting with LG in the past via TRIBOT. Is it still a thing? Can I use it again with VIP?
  7. Yeah, it also has 83 rc and 91 hunter from 100% botting. So I would want to be very cautious. But if they TEMP banned me the next time I got caught instead of full perm banned (because all the ban offenses I had expired) then I would bot again simply until I got caught one more time. I did it all on LG, so the bot has never actually logged into a bot client but yeah, I never plan to log it into one either. Anyone have any experiences with banning post offense expiration? Thanks for the insight so far though guys.
  8. So over a year ago after botting 92 mining and 99 agility using aAgility and aMiner with no bans whatsoever... I tried to bot magic using Sigma's script a week or so later and after 1 day of running it, I got a Bot Busting Moderate which set my ban meter to half way full (if I got another botting offense, I would be perm banned) It has been a year now, and my ban meter is now reset, fresh and the Bot Busting Moderate offense has expired. If I bot again and receive a Bot Busting Moderate will my meter go back to full and I get perm banned now (even though the meter is no longer half way, and the offense for the ban has expired) or will I get a half full meter again like I did last time? Basically I'm asking if they catch me again, will I get perm banned even though my ban meter is back to 0, and all of my previous botting offenses have expired. It is common knowledge with older accounts that they almost always first give you a temp. ban or fill your ban meter half way before perming you. So yeah if anyone has any experience with getting a ban and not playing for a year until it expires and then botting again please let me know. I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks!
  9. I'm unwilling to disclose my exact credentials, but I will tell you that this script got me from 70-99 agility on an account that had bot busting major offense and was not detected or banned. I am merely doing this to vouch for the integrity of the script. Also Sigma magic is a joke. I used it back in Sept. of 2015 and got banned literally within 24 of using the script on my main which had 1.7k total level and had botted with other scripts easily a thousand hours cumulatively. If Sigma Magic works for you then great - but my advice is STAY AWAY. This script, however, is amazing... I have used it to get 99 agility twice starting from scratch and used it to get 99 an additional time starting from level 73 agility. Now that I have built an account back up again (99 agility!) I don't think I'll be botting again for awhile (unless I decide to use aMiner to get 90 mining again, which I did on my main, before it was banned). Best of luck to everyone. Aropupu makes good scripts.
  10. Hey, I want to give my thanks again to Aropupu... This is my third time achieving 99 agility solely with this script, and I really just want to vouch for how great it is. I have used many shitty scripts on Tribot and this simply isn't one of them. This is a wonderful script. I had my main banned by using Sigma Magic (paid) within hours of using the script, which I had botted to 99 agility with aAgility v1 - it also had 1.7k total level and maxed combat stats, 78 farming which I had done manually by myself and it was banned in an instant due to a careless script writer. I thought that I would never, EVER be able to work my way back up from losing that but, this script (as it always has) has given me hope again. It is simply amazing what this script can do, and I think would be out of the question for me to neglect paying my resepects to Aropupu and this awesome script. I bought Tribot VIP again solely to use this script, as it is one of the only one's I have faith and confidence in that will not get me banned. (aMiner is also very good) Thanks so much for this and I hope my testimony can help you (not that you probably need it at this point, ) @Aropupu
  11. This script is quite good but it NEEDS improvements in regards to how it exchanges the banknotes. It will use the banknote on the merchant twice, every time, no matter what (which looks very bot like) and occasionally gets stuck exchanging them when the Banknote Exchange Man's dialogue comes up and it can't click the "exchange all" option in chat. Would like to see improvements to fix that. Script got me from 68-7x thieving, it does blackjacking flawlessly and looks very non-bot like... but the exchanging bank notes part of the script needs improvement if I'm going to use this again. Would like to hear from @Leespiker Found this to be quite funny It did actually try to use the law runes on him. Lol ing. Good script though just needs a minor fix.
  12. Want to give a very big thanks to Aropupu and his amazing script. Couldn't have done it without ya' @Aropupu I have a very long proggy that I can release shortly if you care to have it. Lmk
  13. Title = my question. Why would I randomly switch to VIP from VIP-E. I did not manually do anything and now I can't use LG, and therefore can't bot. This is very frustrating.
  14. Script does not work at all when crafting non-abyss style in LG. It doesn't know what to do when your pouches degrade, it tries to repair them and then doesn't move and spams the client debug "Mage workaround for Trigs". It's not optimal, but it's not really a huge problem either. At least it can bot natures and cosmics via LG. I don't bot without LG personally and I wouldn't advise using ANY script on an account you care about without using an LG client setup. I've done some tests with multiple accounts under proxies and it CLEARLY makes a difference. This 9 hour proggy is from LG crafting nats with no breaks. Crafting rate isn't optimal but to run for 9 hours logging back in and out w/o a ban is extremely impressive regardless. Great script at what it can do, really hoping for greater LG support in the future. Cheers to this guy
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