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  1. 5 days out of a month subscription so far............by the time it will be fixed....?...
  2. and maybe u can point me in the right "section" then mate, instead of telling me thats in the wrong one....
  3. its the principal that i didnt get what i paid for, and im not yelling, last i knew, you have to speak to someone to yell at them, im typing, im enquiring as to why it says 2 days for vip if it isnt?
  4. and yes, it says it cooks karambwans, its in the gui options.
  5. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36706-delta-cooker/page-5 Price you paid for script: $1 (usd) im australian. (the fact that it 1 dollar is not the point, its the principal that i did NOT get what i paid for, and it not getting fixed. How many auths you bought:1 Date purchased:2nd of march-considering it is only a 1 month script, and im 5 days into it, i would definiantly like to see a REFUND. Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: read my posts on here, as several others are complaining as well! Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: it withdrawals the karambbwans but does not cook, gets stuck on the X page...
  6. so i buy delta cooker on the assumption that its a premium script..it'll cook everything, nek minit im tryin to cook karambwans and it won't cook them..ive msged the maker of the script, left msgs on the forum page, i would like a refund, idc if its 1 dollar, its the principal that i am not getting what i paid for!
  7. so i was brought up to believe that 2 days is 48 hours, so why is it ive bought vip trial twice now, and they run out almost after 30 hours? wtf is this bullshit please tribot answer me?
  8. aussiesnipa

    Delta Cooker

    triiilezz mateeee,fix this for me please, i will be forever in ur debt!
  9. aussiesnipa

    Delta Cooker

    any reason why i buy this script to cook karambwans....and it wont cook them...? i would like a refund if this is not fixed please.
  10. man it sucks, i want to bot so bad, but cannot afford to buy, v.i,p and 2 accounts membership... cbf paying 20 bucks for 2 accounts, and another 8 aud for tribot membership, gg botting, and gg tribot, you got 20 bucks out of me 2 days before i got banned =/. (no hate intended).
  11. @wa dw mate, i got a 2 day ban, won't be botting again, i got 99 fletch with this script though so thankyou!, java 8 installed.
  12. yeah, might just legit and find afkable ways to train such as bandits or rock crabs etc, been using same ip for years, never used proxy, cannot change it unless i use proxy/ask provider, would not play a 2nd account as i could not afford to do so with membership....sucks just spent 20 bucks on premium bots too sigh.
  13. sanderty, ive seen alot of your posts, do you believe that changing i.p matters after a 2 day ban?
  14. hey guys, so 2 days ago i got banned (bot busting ban), and i was wondering if i should go legit or just go full ham and bot 85-99 strength. im not sure weather to risk it for what i have gotten away with, (few 99s) or smart bot 4-6 hours a day strength training. im not exactly sure what bot i was using that got me caught, (jagex never lets you know why), but do you think its safe to bot with JJ's auto fighter, i know its a bot but its really just npc clicker/food eater if you know what i mean do 2 day bans up the risk you can get caught easier? and any tips from people who have had this same experience? thanks.
  15. also lost an account 2 days ago, not sure to continue to bot it or not..
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