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  1. Anyone can post something like that. The fact you are so gullible to believing it is astonishing. Do you believe everything you see on the internet? I can see that Viral has stirred up the pot a bit and built a pretty big user group that is bashing on him, but you all have to understand his view. He created software and capitalized on it in a time that there was nothing. Through the time of him building his software he has went through bug reports and feature reports to adjust the software to what it is now and at this point it is gods given. His software is very powerful. If people want a free alternative they have RuneLitePlus but I still just dont see how it even compares looking through the repository. Virals software is unreal and his care for the users and support he has on the project is without a doubt the best I have ever seen.
  2. Anyone who knows Viral knows that he is a good and genuine guy. The reason he got banned on sythe was a bunch of bull. I also want to add that I am in his discord and we all notify each other upon a ban and there hasnt been a ban since he added some PVM stuff. When it comes to PVP VSwitcher is extremely powerful and there hasnt been a ban for months.
  3. [16:51:07] Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/names.json Am I doing something wrong. Every time I try and start this it gives me this error and just sits there...
  4. excuse me i just purchased the month auth for this script but it still says pourchased and my credits are gone... wont let me activate
  5. Does anyone know if this still works? id like to set it up but dont wanna bother bying all the stuff if it doesnt
  6. its currently trying to sell an item when it doesnt have it. its still spamming selling. Im trying to set it up to flip an item, 1 at a time. buy 1, then sell 1 so i have my setting set accordingly but it still keeps spamming "selling..." and "buying" When it doesnt have the item so it should be only buying if im not mistaken? Why hasnt an option been implemented to flip items yet? This scripts been out for like a year
  7. My staker is currently 76 atk, 70 str 80 def 90 range. It is good to get 1 or 2 high stats for those extra CRUICAL Hitpoints level. The one simple thing MANY stakers fail to look at. Im currently 86 combat with 86 hp, + my high defence people constantly miss their dds specs. I dds people up to about 85 str, but only if their 60 attack. Its all in who you stake. I stake people all the time with like 70-75 hp lol, that means they gotta deal out at least 10-15 more damage to me during the fight.
  8. You guys are high as fuck, their is no scam method. dont you think everybody would know if there was?
  9. Actually, gojo. That guy would be me, and i buy them for 1.6 and sell them for 1.8 easy. u guys that are trying to buy for 1.65 and over price me, then try n lowball me for 1.7-1.75, are the retards. lol, u make like 50-100k/flip i make 200k/flip. half the effort twice the profit. And i sell/them no problem.i buy and sell about 30 whips at a time so thats a 6m flip everytime. But hey, your right. I must be waisting my time. haha...
  10. Ive been moving around spam clicking it for like 10 minutes lol. Nothing..... and ive been merching the same spot for a week or 2 now and never had this issue . Mind telling me the format? seeing how i cant get any numbers to pop up to see the format lol.
  11. yeah mine wont recognize the escape tile either. And lol, ive been selling whips for weeks and ive not gotten scammed. u sure your not just miscounting something?
  12. it is actually possible to sell multiple items. It would be a little more complex, and would only be able to be used for higher priced items. But the bot could do the math, say your selling 5 whips for 1.6m ea, and 20 d boots for 400k ea, if the price they put up is divisible by the item price being sold, it puts up that item. so say they put up 2m. The bot would know that he is trying to buy 5 d boots, instead of 1 whip. ect... the only time the bot would bug is when they find a number thats divisible by both items. in which case you still wouldnt lose any money, because the bot would put up 1 or the other. guys catchin my drift??
  13. just have it buy and sell at the same time is the best way that i have found to do it.
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