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  1. Thanks. I did "loginbot site:tribot.org/doc" but didn't get any results. Thread can be locked cause workaround.
  2. https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/Login.html#login-java.lang.String-java.lang.String- Started writing my own, but login bot interrupts the login. Here's my own hack, that doesn't even work... public static boolean login(String username, String password) { Keyboard.typeString(username+"\t"+password); Mouse.clickBox(new Rectangle(234,303,150,37), 1); if (Login.getLoginState() != Login.STATE.LOGINSCREEN) { return true; } return false; }
  3. Sounds like you need to hire a dedicated system administrator... I know a couple guys who may be interested in a bit of part time work.
  4. Standard Tribot client? Any proxy? Download a gold generator recently?
  5. As far as I'm aware there's a delay between each function. If that's true, it's possible to validate true, and then less than a nanosecond later validate false, which would throw a NPE...
  6. https://github.com/hassanjawhar/TriBot/blob/master/scripts/magebuyer/nodes/BuyRunes.java#L19 Might want to cache the interface. The interface could close/disappear between lines 19 and 20 which would throw a NPE. I believe this is what others have recommended... but I could be wrong.
  7. Check the email address again in the video. People being scammed by imposters isn't my problem. If I said I was the IRS and scammed you, are you going to go sue the IRS? No you should sue me. Take out the imposter, not the legit service. I'm not changing my online name to start a silly VPS service. I might create a new identity, sign messages with PGP, but probably won't try to hide who I am, as I've done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. My rep is fine, as far as I can tell. I'm fairly bored (waiting for wife to get home from work and avoiding school work), so that's why
  8. No? My service offered to apply the pin within 24 hours. He gave me incorrect credentials to his account. I sent that to him in a message, he never responded back and created a scam report. I'm fairly sure I refunded him the money, but never appealed the ban. A couple years back, I appealed the ban, but it turns out, you can't appeal a ban older than a certain time period, but you can ask to be pardoned for it, which I'm fairly sure I would be nearly instantly just due to the low amount ($3), the fact the reporter was banned, and the fact that it was a half of decade ago. Turns out
  9. K. This isn't a sales thread? It's a testing the waters thread. Not my email used, I think that was a spoofed @live or something from the past. Someone got scammed by an impersonator, not my problem. I'm not banned on Powerbot, I can be unbanned on sythe in a couple min. Sythe was a pin mistake thread that wasn't appealed as I left the market. I was banned from RSCA to be fair, but that was for pin stuff. Tyler will probably remember me though.
  10. So, we've established you are not interested in this service. I'll make a note of that. Anyone else?
  11. Obviously you have a dedicated server provider. Most dedicated server providers have a setup fee, just as an FYI. You do know DO/Google/Azure/Amazon all have huge advantages over random VPS/dedi providers, right? The fact they offer a robust API gives anyone with a brain the ability to scale their bot farms on demand. Code it once, enter your data, and you're good to go. It seems as though you have plenty of time to hand start things and manage stuff on your dedicated server. That's great for you, but there's plenty of other people who would prefer to save time and not have to have t
  12. Hmm, interesting numbers. I'm assuming kimsufi? $30 for 20+ gb of memory isn't very common. Neither is 40 gb+ for $55 / month, unless you're estimating 1 bot = less than 756 mb of memory, which could be possible, I suppose, depending on the script. However, that being said -- even if you did find a dedicated provider, what's the setup fees like? What's the maintenance cost? What if Jagex updates and Tribot is broken for 2 weeks? With my service, you shutdown your instances and don't pay a penny, but in the dedicated case, there is no per-hour billing. My prices are much lower than di
  13. I have plenty of rep around the RS cheating scene. Then again, I'm not sure the Tribot market is large enough to saturate the hardware I currently own.
  14. So, would anyone be interested in a dedicated VPS for Tribot? I have plenty of spare hardware around, and I wouldn't mind creating a VPS service for botters. Network isn't an issue, as RS doesn't take much bandwidth. DDoS mitigation isn't difficult. Proxies solve public IP address limitations. Pricing would be hourly, something like a half of cent per hour. I could create a master bot scheduler where users could enter proxy information, RS account information, Tribot SID and times they want the bots to run / stop. It wouldn't be GUI friendly, but maybe you guys will be able to convince yo
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