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  1. This type of mentality needs to go away. "If it aint broke, don't fix it" sort of mentality leads to accepting the status quo rather than new innovation. It's a terrible mindset to have. However, Tribot's other more urgent issues probably should be prioritized higher, however, I'm sure the bottleneck on those issues would be the same bottleneck as deploying gitlab.
  2. There's a lot of benefits; Easily be able to modify existing scripts, creating more variety and harder to detect scripts (just due to the sheer volume). When commits are made, code could be ran through some sort of test engine... to make sure the client can even run it, It wouldn't be hard to implement with gitlab pipelines. Scripts are poorly documented, and forum engines are the best place to detail what scripts do. Wikis are built into gitlab. There's a semi-forum system with gitlab, but it wouldn't really replace this forum system. I like the kanban board, which really helps
  3. I'm not sure about actual law (IANAL), but afaik, sites aren't responsible for user generated content. I did hear a story on NPR about someone wanting to change that law to track down pedophiles and such on a forum. However, I don't think that was a successful campaign. I'm pretty sure Tribot would NOT assume liability for user generated content.
  4. Tribot hosting gitlab would be neat. It'd be possible to have shared auth system. Sure, what's setup works and all, but like think of the collaboration efforts if everyone used the same versioning for this site. If every open source script's code was accessible in a SINGLE git instance. It'd be cool to be able to pull my script by doing git clone https://git.tribot.org/bluefirecorp/scriptname.git
  5. Thanks. I did "loginbot site:tribot.org/doc" but didn't get any results. Thread can be locked cause workaround.
  6. https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/Login.html#login-java.lang.String-java.lang.String- Started writing my own, but login bot interrupts the login. Here's my own hack, that doesn't even work... public static boolean login(String username, String password) { Keyboard.typeString(username+"\t"+password); Mouse.clickBox(new Rectangle(234,303,150,37), 1); if (Login.getLoginState() != Login.STATE.LOGINSCREEN) { return true; } return false; }
  7. Sounds like you need to hire a dedicated system administrator... I know a couple guys who may be interested in a bit of part time work.
  8. Doubt that. There will always be at least one subscriber for his script. Niche scripts should perform better overall, even more so if they're premium. I'm fairly sure at least one person will run your script instead of mine. I was hoping scripting to go back to the days of rsbots and such. Where the bot was sold to the general public without them even knowing that it was a different client behind it. So undetectable, bans aren't really thought of unless you suicide. Probably. The best part is I could pull it off the market at any time. I'll be able to make that decision
  9. If you're not able to run the script, it's because you're not VIP.
  10. I must have you confused with another young scripter. Were you the one that turned down the proposition on working on this project? I can't remember if you were the one that was granted a glimpse of code or not. But if so, you have every right to quest the project. The old code base had to go die in a pit of flames. Everything from it needs rewritten from the ground up. But hey, at least I won't have to regather tutorial island variables again.
  11. No GUI yet. Actually, this week is the script arg generator, which I was planning on showing the general public. So, that'll be the "GUI" portion. It won't be that impressive yet, but it'll have at least a few of the functions down so far. =) I've worked with him in the past on this exact project. It didn't progress very far and my source was un-optimized. Regrettably, we had parted ways due to my life taking priority over this project. He has every right to question the validity of progress, but honestly I think he's just jealous.
  12. Thanks for the note. But what would the pictures be of? Completing the quests when they're done? A bank full of mined ore? Making videos/gifs seems like a bit of overhead to show progress, but it's not a terrible idea.
  13. Plenty of gold to be made in Lumbridge. There's a bank there, and that's all you need to make quite a bit of gold. And to be fair, it's just the starting location. Eventually, the rest of RS will be added. Thanks!
  14. Hmm, I doubt that's correct. Otherwise ISPs in Australia who use NAT for IPv4 conservation would see a lot more problems. You may be right about keeping the script private for short term profit. However, I'm playing the long game here. Shame that once this script goes public, your script won't be that impressive anymore because everyone will have their own private bot armies.
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